Japanese Ambassador shares sense of solidarity and perseverance with Denmark, saying that trust in ourselves, thus trust to the others.

Ambassador Miyagawa
   On 28 April, Ambassador Manabu MIYAGAWA talked to the members of Confederation of Danish Industry at Webinar titled “Markets in the shadow of COVID-19”, covering a) the status quo and the measures taken against COVID-19 in Japan, b) international collaboration to overcome the infectious disease and Japan, and c) cooperation and challenges between Japan and Denmark. (Reference material is available here * the content is based on the information on 28th April).
   The representatives from more than 130 companies of DI participated in the webinar and following the Ambassador MIYAGAWA’s presentation, there was question and answer and then Ambassadors from Korea and Australia spoke about their measures against COVID-19.
  【The main points of the presentation by Japan】
-  Japan shares sense of solidarity and perseverance with the government and people of Denmark at this difficult time. 
- Negative impact on Japan’s economy, status of infections, the declaration of state of emergency and the economic measures equivalent of 20% of Japan’s GDP were explained.
- Japan’s efforts with international community such as clinical research of drug called Avigan and financial contributions to WHO and others were explained. 
- The importance of a) promoting free trade and investment, b) tackling climate change and c) encouraging cultural and sports exchanges was pointed out, following up the Strategic Partnership for Growth and Innovation between Japan and Denmark announced by Prime Ministers of both countries. (https://www.mofa.go.jp/mofaj/files/000029491.pdf
- Trust matters.  The meaning of “living words” from N.F.S. GRUNDTVIG was reaffirmed.