Ambassador's Corner

Dear Everyone in Denmark,

My name is Seishi Suei. I arrived in Copenhagen in September, and on 25th of October, 2013 I had the honour to present to H.M. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark the Letters of Credence, accrediting me as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to the Kingdom of Denmark. I am now fully able to serve my mission as Ambassador.

Many people may know that almost 150 years are going to elapse since the Amity , Commerce and Navigation Treaty between Japan and Denmark was signed in 1867. The tie between the Royal Households of Japan and Denmark are very strong, and the relations between our two countries have never been so smooth and amicable in all areas, such as politics, economy and human exchange. Both countries share the same values; Democracy, Respect for Human Rights, Freedom of Speech and Rule of Law to name but a few. Furthermore, both Japan and Denmark have pursued prosperity through shipping, based on the principle of free market economy. Both countries sought to promote cooperation with each other in various tasks and situations, and each played a major role in deepening the relations between Asia and Europe. I am sure that we would continue to do so on various occasions in the future.

Denmark is also well-known to have established many high-welfare-high-burden systems, also known as the “Danish model,” as well as being world-leading in adopting renewable energies as measures to improve the environment, all aiming at the welfare of the citizens of Denmark. Although there might be basic difference in our systems, I am convinced that Japan has a lot to learn from Denmark. On the other hand it is also a very important task for me to enhance understanding of Japanese social structures, systems and cultures among the Danish people.

Tasks of the Embassy are broad and wide-spread. Besides promoting the friendly relations between Japan and Denmark in the above-mentioned areas, it is also one of principal tasks of the Embassy to protect and provide consular services to the Japanese citizens living in Denmark.

I will do my utmost to serve these missions as Ambassador of Japan to Denmark.

Seishi Suei

Ambassador of Japan