Thank you for visiting the official website for the 150th Anniversary of Japan-Denmark Diplomatic Relations

In 2017, Japan and Denmark will celebrate 150 years of diplomatic relations with the conclusion of the ”Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation between Japan and Denmark” in 1867. Since then, Japan and Denmark have nurtured a longstanding friendship as two countries that share such similarities as respectively having had an imperial house and a royal family throughout their long histories. There are many events scheduled to happen in order to celebrate this long, positive relationship.

With the opening ceremony in January as a start, a wide range of events are scheduled to take place covering such fields as culture, politics, economics, academic and sports. We hope that many people and institutions from both the public and private sectors will participate in the celebration and be part of people-to-people exchanges. Through such exchanges, we hope that we will see the relationship between our two countries deepened and strengthened in the future.

You can also find information about the official logo on this website. The logo was created through the collaboration between a Danish and a Japanese designer to officially endorse the events. The official events will be listed in the event calendar on this website. Please find further information here.

We appreciate your support and cooperation to make the special year a memorable and successful one.

Embassy of Japan in Denmark

Latest news

4 May 2017

Japan & Denmark - Opening of Exhibition with Tomoyo Matsuoka- at A.Petersen Collection and Craft

Date: 4 May 17.00-19.00

Place: A. Petersen Collection & Craft

The exhibition will show furniture from Takumi Koghei-series "Tapered Chair".

4 May 2017

"Modern Japanese Rakugo performance - storytelling, methods and technique" - Mini Festival

Date: 5 May 2017 17.00

Place: Besttellers scene, Krusågade 25, 1719 København V

The theme for the mini festival is - how the traditional Rakugo performance can affect the modern European storytelling traditions and vice versa.

Friday: A view of traditional Japanese rakugo performance and Danish Storytelling theatre.

Saturday and Sunday: A mix of workshops for Danish storytellers and Japanese Rakugo performance artists and a view into these processes together with a debate about the work and development in these workshops.

The mini festival is for everyone who is interested in storytelling and is interested in a journey into the Danish and Japanese storytelling.

Organized by Kulturkontoret.

4 May 2017

3-in-1 Anniversary at CBS

Date: 10 May 2017 9.00-16.30

Place: Ovnhallen, Porcelænshaven 20, 2000 Frederiksberg

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) celebrates its centennial and 25 year anniversary for Asian Studies Programme (ASP), along with the 150 year anniversary of DK-JP relations. A full day of talks on Japanese society by leading international Japan scholars and business panel of ASP alumni.

Tentative Program

Organized by Copenhagen Business School (Asian Studies Program (ASP), ASP alumni org. and Asian Research Centre).

4 May 2017

Wave from Japan - Yuko Takeda Keller Solo Exhibition

Date: 13 May - 2 July 2017

Place: Kulturhavn Gilleleje, Peter Fjelstrupvej, 3250 Gilleleje

Opening reception: Saturday 13 May 2017. 14:00~16:00
Ambassador of Japan Toshiro Suzuki will open the exhibition.

Further information: Kulturhavn Gilleleje  /
The Exhibition's opening hours: Everyday 07:00~22:00

4 May 2017

Lecture by Mette Holm and Katrine Klinken

Date: 15 May 2017

Place: Bethesda, Rømersgade 17, 1362 København K

Arranged by Danish-Japanese Society and Tokai University European Center

Language: Danish

4 May 2017

Master Class, Lectures and Exhibition with 2 Japanese Jewelry Artists, Kimiaki Kageyama and Kazumi Nagano

Date: 18 May 2017 17.00 Opening of Exhibition

Place: The Most Secret Gallery (Exhibition), Smyk2000 (Masterclass), Lectures: to be decided.


4 May 2017

RED/WHITE - Contemporary Japanese Dramatic Work

Date: 19 May 2017 14.00-19.00

Place: SORT/HVID, Staldgade 26-30 1699 København V

SORT/HVID has the honour of presenting four dramatic works from three Japanese playwrights. The works have never before been presented outside Japan and presents aspects of Japanese society and intelletual life, the Danish public rarely gets a glimpse of. For four days the Danish actors will work with the texts in a previously untested exchange work between Japanese playwrights and Danish actors. On the fifth day the texts will be presented to the public n an open reading. It is our pleasure to present the following works for the first time for a Danish audience: Long rows of gravestones by Yoshiyuki Fukukdas, After the golem and You killed me by Katsumi Sasaki and 4four by Takeshi Kawamura. Katsumi Sasaki and Takeshi Kawamura will be in Copenhagen during the hole week.

The reading will take place on 19 May at Theatre SORT/HVID. The reading will be hosted by Danish playwright and scholar in Japanese language and culture, Mads Mazanti Jensen.

4 May 2017

The Kunsthalle and the villages

Date: 28 May-September

Place: Various sites

May-September: Viborg Kunsthal

28 May - 6 June: Lundø

5 June - 10 June: Fulden

11 June - 16 June: Hald Ege

1 July - 7 July: Gludsted

30 July - 5 August: Sindig Ørre

Not yet decided: Skarrild

Not yet decided: Voldby

In the course of 2017, visiting teams of foreign (herunder Japanese) and Danish artist will visit and live in different villages. Here they will create a work of art in interactions with residents.

The project is rooted in Viborg Kunsthal, who wish to bring contemporary art out into the villages and closer to the people. The residents in the villages will feel ownership towards the artwork and project being directly involved in the creative process and hereby gain insigt to the artist's ways of working.

26 December 2016

Assuming the Japanese honorary president for the “150th Anniversary of the Japan-Denmark Diplomatic Relations” by His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince of Japan