Guidelines for application of endorsement of events and projects based in Denmark.

About the anniversary

Japan and Denmark will commemorate the 150th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations in the year 2017. The government of Japan and the government of Denmark intend to jointly celebrate this special jubilee with as many Japanese and Danish people as possible and thus support events featuring the promoting friendly relations and exchanges between the two countries. For that purpose, the official anniversary logo was selected by the two governments. The application procedure for using the logo is defined in this guideline. In case an application is accepted, the organizers of the endorsed events and projects are entitled to use the official logo and information on endorsed events will be listed in the official event calendar of the “Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Japan-Denmark Diplomatic Relations in 2017”(the Anniversary Year).

About the Official anniversary logo

The official anniversary logo combines the two countries flags – Japan’s red circle and Denmark’s white cross – into one uniform symbol with added lines to suggest meetings and a dynamic interaction. The logo references traditional Japanese patterns and also Danish simplicity and aesthetics. The official anniversary logo and the supporting logo text is designed in collaboration with Danish designer Henrik Kubel and Japanese designer Katsumi Asaba. The official anniversary logo project is supported by Danish Cultural Agency and Toyota-Fonden in Denmark.

Eligibility for endorsement

  1. The event/project should take place mainly between January and December 2017 in Denmark. Exceptions can be given for events/projects which start before 2017 or which continue into the year 2018.
  2. The event/project should aim at promoting Danish-Japanese exchange and be encouraging mutual understanding and strengthening the friendship between the two countries.
  3. The content and objective of the event/project should be clear and practically feasible.
  4. The objective of the event/project should not be to advocate any particular principle, ideology or religion, any political activity or election campaign and must not violate public order or standards of decency.
  5. The logo will not be used for commercial purpose.
  6. The rules and regulations of the event venue should be adhered to and the rights of the other persons(including copyright) should not be infringed.
  7. The Financial responsibility as well as the responsibility for any problems related to the event/project is on the organizer.
  8. The organizer of the event/project should submit the application form (cf. below, application procedure).

Privileges of endorsed events

  1. The organizers of endorsed events/projects are entitled to use the official logo in various publicity materials promoting the endorsed event/project.
  2. Endorsed events will be listed on the official online anniversary calendar maintained by the Embassy of Japan in Denmark and, if practicable, in other PR material for the anniversary.
  3. The organizers of endorsed events/projects are not allowed to make any changes to the logo, which always has to be utilized in its official format. The logo size can be scaled up/down.

Application procedure

In order to apply for endorsement, following application documents should be submitted via email or per post to the Embassy.

  1. Application documents
    1. Application letter
    2. Application form
    3. Supporting documents clarifying the content of the event including its financial plan
    4. Supporting documents / web links indicating regular activities of the event organizer.  
  2. Where to submit the application form

Decision on endorsement

  1. Screening of applications will take up to 30 days.
  2. Results of the decision will be sent to the organizer. Organizers of endorsed events/projects will be provided with a user ID and password in order to download the logo or sent by e-mail.

Additional remarks

  1. Applications should be submitted in advance taking into account that the screening process may require up to 30 days.
  2. Organizers of endorsed events/projects must submit a copy of all publicity material with the official anniversary logo prior to the start of the event/project.
  3. Organizers of endorsed events/projects will bear the entire responsibility for their implementation including financial costs and public advertisement and all other consequences related to the event/project.
  4. Should the event/project be cancelled or a substantive change be made, the organizers are required to promptly inform the Embassy of Japan in Denmark by e-mail ( In case of substantive changes, The Embassy of Japan in Denmark reserves the right to withdraw the endorsement.
  5. Organizers of events/projects may not use the logo in other events hosted by the organizer without prior appropriate authorization.
  6. During and after the event/project organizers are requested to submit photos and videos (link preferred) to the Embassy of Japan in Denmark by e-mail( a brief explanation in Japanese or English. Photos, text and videos may be used on the anniversary website and the Embassy of Japan’s social media accounts.