Honorary Consul-General of Japan in Aarhus


Honorary consuls are appointed to safeguard the interests of Japan and its people and to promote cultural exchange with foreign countries in regions or territories where Japan does not have a diplomatic mission. Their specific duties vary according to the local circumstances but normally involve such activities as helping Japanese citizens in emergencies and assisting with cultural exchange activities conducted locally by the Embassy of Japan.

Normally honorary consuls are people who are based in the regions or territories concerned. As they are not Japanese civil servants, there are limitations to the duties they are authorised to perform. For instance, they are not authorised to issue passports or visas and cannot authenticate documents related to nationality or residence.

Mr.Kjeld Johannesen has been appointed as Honorary Consul-General of Japan in Aarhus since June 2006, and has re-appointed for another 5 years in June 2013.

Mr. Kjeld Johannesen (Re-apppointed in June 2013)

” Det er en stor ære for mig, at jeg er blevet genudpeget som Honorær Generalkonsul for Japan i Aarhus
for endnu en 5-års periode. Jeg ser frem til arbejdet og vil gøre mit bedste for at supportere Japans interesser.”

”It is a great honour for me that I was re-appointed as Honorary Consul-General of Japan in Aarhus
for another 5 years. I am looking forward to the work and I will do my best to support Japan.”


Mr.Kjeld Johannesen,
Adress:c/o Danish Crown,Marsvej 43, 8960, Randers SØ


Born: 6th March 1953

Previous occupation:

1975-77 Assistant – administration, Struer-Hurup Andelsslagteri

1978-83 Production manager, ESS-FOOD

1983-88 Production director, Steff-Houlberg

1988-90 CEO, Slagteriselskabet Wenbo

1990 - 2016 CEO, DANISH CROWN


1975 Diploma in commerce (Skive Commercial School)

1981 HD (B com. degree) in ”Marketing Management” (Copenhagen Business School)


Knight of the Dannebrog

About Danish Crown:

The Danish Crown group is an international food producer with production and sales across the world. Danish Crown, the parent company, produces and markets pork and beef. Danish Crown's subsidiaries produce and market processed food products and other products for food production.

Danish Crown is:

・ The world's second largest — and Europe's largest — pig slaughtering business

・ Europe's largest meat processing company

・ Denmark's largest cattle slaughterhouse business

・ One of the two or three largest meat exporters in the world and the world's largest exporter of pork.

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