International Judo Tournament "Matsumae Cup" and business event ”Matsumae Cup Business” in Vejle

On February 18 - 20, international Judo tournament "Matsumae Cup" and business event ”Matsumae Cup Business” were held in Vejle with the participation of Ambassador UYAMA Hideki and Minister-Counselor HARADA Masaru from Embassy of Japan.
Matsumae Cup
Matsumae Cup is a Judo tournament named after MATSUMAE Shigeyoshi, the founder of Tokai University in Japan, who worked to promote Judo throughout his life. Matsumae Cup had been held in Denmark for a long time, but due to COVID-19 it had to be cancelled. This year, after a long postponing, the tournament has resumed with a great success, with participation of 800 athletes from 26 countries. On the second day of the tournament, prior to the finals, Ambassador UYAMA gave a speech and encouraged finalists, as well as congratulated wonderful performance of the participating athletes. From Japan, a delegation from Tokai University, led by coach NAKANISHI Hidetoshi, took part in the tournament.
Congratulations to all the winning athletes and thank you, all the Judo athletes from all over the world for heated competition over two days!
Matsumae Cup Business
On February 20, a Japan-focused business event was held in Vejle in connection with Matsumae Cup. The main theme of the event was welfare technology. Japanese and Danish participants gave presentations on AI, robotics, and other topics in the field of welfare. Among others, from Japan, researchers from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) gave a presentation and demonstrated the "Robot Assist Walker”, which participants tried and gave feedback afterwards. In addition, Japanese companies and experts stationed in Denmark introduced Japanese initiatives in various fields, including food, cutting-edge technology, and renewable energy.
Welfare technology, which was the main theme of the event, is a common interest for Japan and Denmark. Both countries have aging populations and welfare technology is one of the areas where cooperation between the two countries is expected to further increase in the future. This event provided an opportunity for people from both countries to learn from each other and further deepen our cooperation.