Ambassador’s Corner

UYAMA Hideki Ambassador of Japan

   I am delighted to be appointed as Ambassador of Japan to Denmark, succeeding former Ambassador Manabu Miyagawa. I just arrived in Copenhagen with my wife on October 24.

   My previous position was Director-General of the European Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where I was engaged in Japan's relations with European countries, the EU, NATO, and the former Soviet Union states over two years. Especially, since February this year, I have been doing my utmost towards cooperating with the European countries and the United States to implement strong sanctions against Russia and extend support to Ukraine in response to Russia's aggression against Ukraine, which undermines the very foundation of the international order. As the international situation has drastically changed and the security environment has been growing increasingly severe not only in Europe but also in the Indo-Pacific region. I have strongly felt that the unity of like-minded countries, which share fundamental values including freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law, has become more important than ever. Denmark is a resilient democracy, which cherishes these fundamental values and one of Japan's most reliable strategic partners.

   I am aware that since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1867, with the close relations existing between the Japanese Imperial Household and the Danish Royal Household, Japan and Denmark have constructed a remarkable partnership in various areas, including politics, economy, and culture. Japan and Denmark, which have prospered on the basis of free trade and freedom of navigation, share common interests in many aspects. Denmark is also the most advanced country in the world in digitalization, decarbonization, life sciences, and so on, and I am pleased to hear that in recent years there has been increased collaboration between Japanese and Danish companies in these sectors. I am convinced that it is mutually beneficial for both countries to expand their cooperation by learning from each other on their system and technology.

   Over the past two and a half years, the spread of COVID-19 imposed severe restrictions on cross-border travel, but this month Japan has significantly relaxed its border measures to prevent the infection. I hope that this will re-energize cultural and academic exchange and tourism between Japan and Denmark and further expand the basis of exchange between the people of both countries.

   I am very much looking forward to working with people from both countries to further deepen the historical friendship between Japan and Denmark.

UYAMA Hideki
Ambassador of Japan

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