Ambassador’s Corner

Japan and Denmark established diplomatic relations more than 150 years ago. With the close and amicable relations existing between the Japanese Imperial Household and the Danish Royal Household, our two nations have constructed remarkable partnerships with each other in a variety of fields. 
The fact that both our countries have prospered on the basis of democracy, free trade and navigation eloquently proves that Japan and Denmark share a solid common ground at the core of the international community. In the recent negotiations on the now enacted EU-Japan Strategic Partnership Agreement and Economic Partnership Agreement, Denmark actively promoted negotiations as a flag bearer for democracy and free trade.
Japan, at the same time, notes with great interest that Denmark has developed unique policies of its own particularly with regard to social welfare and renewable energy technologies. It is also a well-known fact that Denmark excels in agriculture and in a wide range of industries. Furthermore, as seen, for example, with the act of selflessness of chief engineer Johannes Knudsen, who made the ultimate sacrifice in the attempt to save a Japanese fisherman off the coast of Wakayama in 1957, I feel such heart to heart exchanges between Japan and Denmark have firmly deepened our relationship.

Taking account of the above, there is no doubt that there is a huge potential to further enrich our relations.
In order to enhance the relations between our nations, it is all the more crucial to deepen the knowledge of each other’s history, culture and societies. As various international developments are affecting the world order today, the need to further understand each other as to how to tackle those challenges has become increasingly important. The relations between Japan and Denmark cannot be apart from such international situation.
As the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games approach, there are a lot of opportunities to promote exchanges with regards to sports and culture, as well as exchanges on a regional level between the two countries. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to further deepen the historical relationship between Japan and Denmark as ambassador, and I am very much looking forward to working with people from both countries for that purpose. Thank you very much.
Ambassador of Japan