The Embassy is easily accessed by foot, bike, train or car.

By foot: The Embassy is about 5 minutes from Dybbelsbro Station on foot. After leaving the station platform by stair or lift, please turn left towards Fisketorvet Shopping Center. Right before Fisketorvet are some stairs on the left that leads one level down. (You can also turn right and pass around Fisketorvet or pass through Fisketorvet. The Embassy building is located behind Fisketorvet.)

After going down the stairs on the left before Fisketorvet, please proceed across the street and along the building of Fisketorvet. A small bridge will lead you across the channel to the building of Havneholmen 25. Please proceed to the front of the building, where you will find the entrance to the Embassy.

At the entrance to Havneholmen 25, please push the up/down bottons until you have the Embassy and push the botton for speak. Wait patiently until operator asks, and please state you name. The door will now be opened and you can take the elevator to the 9th floor where the Embassy is situated.

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