Consular Affairs & Visa


Application for Japanese visa

In order to obtain a visa for Japan, the applicant must apply in person to an embassy or consulate. There is no system by which a proxy can carry out the application procedures in Japan.

In Denmark the application procedures may be carried out at the Japanese Embassy in Copenhagen.

Foreigners who obtain a visa for Japan must pay a visa fee. Generally speaking, the fees are about ¥ 3,000 for a single-entry visa, ¥ 6,000 for a double-entry or multiple-entry visa, and ¥ 700 for a transit visa (fees are collected in local currencies). In the case of applicants from countries with reciprocal agreements with Japan, fees are reduced or exempted in accordance with the agreement.

Documents to be submitted with visa applications

The following documents must be submitted whatever the purpose of the visit:
2.One 45 mm x 35 mm passport-type photo taken within the previous six months (stateless persons must submit three photos)
3.One official visa application form, available at the embassy or consulate
4.Documents certifying the purpose of the visit
Please make your application at an embassy or consulate after preparing these documents. For further information about documents certifying the purpose of the visit, please visit the Homepage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.
In principle, foreigners who possess a Certificate of Eligibility can submit two copies (the original and a photocopy) of the certificate, instead of documents certifying the purpose of the visit. However, they may be requested to submit additional documents.
Application form (PDF)
The applicant should apply at the earliest 3 months before planned departure (except for “Working Holiday” applicant who can apply 1 year before).